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Heartfelt stories from our residents



Gabriella & Russell’s love story

Gabriella met her husband Russell when she was 16 years old. Gabriella and Russell moved to Tabulam and Templer Homes for the Aged, initially as permanent residents. However, when an Independent Living Unit became available, Gabriella moved into the unit, while her husband remained in residential care.  Gabriella could not be happier with the current arrangements and ease of access to visit Russell at any time. Her home is bright and warm, and she is glad to have her cat living with her now and Russell next  door. They enjoy every meal together and he has the care he needs to live a happy and comfortable life.

“Russell and I are very happy at Tabulam and Templer. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, it’s made our move here very easy. It’s a beautiful place to live with lovely gardens and views out to
the Dandenongs.” (Gabriella, Independet Living Unit resident)


The beautiful pianist, Elisabeth

When Elisabeth first moved to Tabulam and Templer Homes for the Aged, it didn’t take her long to find her niche. Initially she was unsure about her new surrounds and struggled to make connections with the people around her. Having played the piano all her life, Elisabeth soon rekindled her passion and she loves playing for her fellow residents and listening as they sing along.
Music has enabled her to build bridges across language and cultural barriers, to connect with others and just enjoy the moment. It’s been a great gift to her, and has helped her to settle into her new home.

“Playing piano at Tabulam and Templer Homes for the Aged has been a great gift to me. I’m moving more, I’m stimulated by conversations and able to contribute to communal singing and the joy it brings. I feel good now at TTHA and l am grateful.” (Elisabeth, resident)


Daughter-in-law’s true love

Alison cares full-time for her mother-in-law, Martha, who has late stage dementia. After Martha was hospitalised last year, she knew extra help was needed. Alison’s priority was to keep Martha at home but, with her complex needs, it was becoming difficult. When she spoke to TTHA, the care manager immediately understood her situation and met her at home to discuss a range of options. Today, Alison continues to provide personal care while receiving  advice, clinical services and specialised equipment via TTHA. And she knows  her care manager is always available when she needs support.

“ We needed someone who could provide advice and information on services we didn’t know about. TTHA was magnificent. They gave us the direction and answers we needed. Finally there was someone beside us to help.” (Alison – Martha’s daughter-in-law)

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