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Accent Home Care

Accent Home Care creates opportunities for you to continue enjoying your life independently at home. Accent Home Care, has been providing tailored and individual home care services since 2007.

Our home care services deliver care and personal support that focuses on you and your unique needs allowing you to live a high quality of life independently.

Accent Home Care enables the consumer to stay at home by having support and services in places such as meals preparation, personal care, social activities, domestic assistance, telehealth, allied health, continence aids, equipment, nursing care, and many more.

Accent Home Care provides choices and enables the consumer to set their own goals and direct those goals higher by themselves or with the assistance of their family, friends, carers and/or a designated Care Advisor.

In order to become eligible for a government-funded home care package, one needs to contact My Aged Care and request an assessment. Alternatively, you can also arrange private home care services which are self-funded on a private basis.

There are 4 different levels of home care packages with the lowest one being Level 1 and the highest one a Level 4. Depending on your situation you may be eligible for any of these packages. The difference with each package is the amount of funding allocated to the package that will enable you to purchase services.

Your package is personalised and you choose the services you wish to receive, including who delivers the service and when.  Depending on your individual needs, you may be eligible for a level one, two, three, or four package. Contact our caring team today to hear more on (03) 88241000

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