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We value all staff and provide learning opportunities to help them evolve as professionals.

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Salary Packaging – TTHA is a not-for-profit organisation, and therefore, Australian tax legislation enables TTHA employees to take a tax benefit by salary packaging. If you elect to salary package, a nominated portion of your salary will be untaxed, providing extra take-home pay.

Employee Assistance Program – TTHA has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which enables free and confidential counselling services for staff regardless of whether their concerns are work-related or of a personal nature.

Fair and Inclusive Work Environment – TTHA is committed to creating a fair and inclusive working environment that values and utilises the contribution of all employees. We recognise that staff are from diverse backgrounds with different experiences and qualities. We acknowledge the importance of providing all staff with the same access to employment opportunities without discrimination.

TTHA is committed to providing fair, equitable and inclusive services to all consumers, their families of choice, and friends, staff, volunteers, visitors, and contractors. We ensure that all our guidelines, policies and procedures reduce and dismantle barriers to substantive equality and participation. We take inclusion and participation seriously and work hard in ensuring to foster an environment of mutual respect and dignity across all our services.

If you are an RN, PCA, or EN and you are looking to work for a great stable company, please send your resume and cover letter to careers@ttha.org.au or call (03) 8720 1333.

Here are more perks & benefits of working with us:

  • Career development
  • A commitment to staff wellbeing
  • Staff development programs
  • The opportunity to learn about new languages and culture
  • Salary packaging
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Staff awards/rewards
  • Staff discounts
  • Ongoing training
  • Study leave
  • Onsite Café
  • Discounted staff meals
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Being open and honest in all our relationships and being responsible for ourselves, our team and our community.



We respect and appreciate the knowledge, skills and experience individuals bring to the team.



We treat our people with respect and dignity.



We set clear performance expectations and take ownership for the results we achieve as individuals and as an organisation.

Work With Us

If you or your supported residential service would like to partner and work with us at TTHA, there are many mutually beneficial options available.
Please contact us to discuss these options.
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