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Below are our levels of home care packages that are available to you when choosing to engage Accent Home Care for your government home care packages. These include the various fees & package funds.

Accent Home Care Fees and Charges

Home Care Package Level 1

$19.60 per fortnight

Basic Level Needs

Home Care Package Level 2

$34.58 per fortnight

Low-Level Care Needs

Home Care Package Level 3

$75.32 per fortnight

Intermediate Care Needs

Home Care Package Level 4

$114.24 per fortnight

Higher-Level Care Needs

What do Home Care Packages include?

$0 Entry or Setup Fee — No fee to commence a package
$0 Exit Fee — No fee when it’s time to leave us 
$0 Package Upgrade Fee — We help you with upgrades
$0 Travel Fee — No fees to travel to your home      
$0 Basic Daily Fee — No additional contribution costs
$0 Processing Fee for approved reimbursements 
Low Flat Fee for Package Management & Care Advisory 

Income-tested care fee

The income-tested care fee is an extra contribution that some people pay, as determined through an income assessment.

This fee is different for everyone. It’s based on your individual income, including your pension. However, full pensioners and people with an income up to $28,472.60 do not pay an income-tested care fee.

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