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Home Care Packages

Australian Government-Funded Home Care Packages (HCP)

Accent Home Care creates opportunities for you to continue enjoying your life independently at home.

We offer Government-funded home care services in the suburbs of Melbourne, that provide you with the level of care and individualised support you need.

If you need low care or high care our goal is to empower you to choose the support services you require and when you require them to ensure you can stay living independently in your own home.

Our home care packages are designed to assist you in maintaining your overall independence, quality of life, and social interaction while enjoying the comforts of home while receiving the care you need.

Below is some step-by-step information explaining how Accent Home Care’s packages work for you. This information includes what is a home care package, what is care management, and a list of the services you can access through your package. We have also included how to access your home care package and the package pricing schedule.

Package Management

Package management fees cover the overall management of your home care package provided by Accent Home Care. Including ongoing administration provided by your Care Advisor, the management of package funds, and service coordination.

Furthermore, it includes quality reviews, government reporting, compliance auditing, and preparation of an itemised monthly statement to help you keep track of the funding and what services are being provided to you.

Care Management

The essential component of your home care package is managing the care provided to you. This ensures that you receive the level of care in a way that meets your current care needs and your needs as they change.

You can choose to receive your care in a variety of ways, including telephone, video conferencing, email, and face-to-face. Regardless of the method of contact you choose, you will have your own dedicated care advisor from our dedicated care team, to support all of your care needs.

Your dedicated Care Advisor will work with you to assess your care needs and ensure your needs are met. Your Care Advisor will bring together all the individual services you need and will revise them as you identify new requirements. Your requirements and needs will be documented by your Care Advisor which will form your tailored care plan, which you get to keep.

Our Care Advisors are multilingual and can provide you with the guidance and support you need now and into the future, responding as your needs change.

The Package Management and Care Management Fees are funded by the Australian Government as part of your Home Care Package, therefore there is no cost to you.

Accent Home Care Services

Accent Homecare supports older Victorians from diverse cultures and backgrounds through Government-funded home care package services. If you require it, we have several multilingual staff and translation services to assist in making your consultations seamless and comfortable.

Our home care services include but are not limited to:

– Home Help
– Cleaning
– Personal Care
– Nursing Care
– In-Home Respite
– Social Support
– Therapeutic Massage
– Allied Health Including, Physiotherapy Podiatry, Occupational Therapy
– Case Management and Service Coordination
– Meal Preparation
– Shopping
– Transportation
– Gardening
– Home Maintenance, including window and gutter cleaning

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