Living with Dementia Support – OLD

At TTHA we support quality of life for older Australians through the Montessori approach to aged care.

Montesorri promotes independence, self-esteem, choice and meaningful activity through the recognition of individual strengths, needs, interests and the establishment of expertly prepared environments.

During 2016 training in Montessori methods has been provided to our staff and information sessions held for residents’ familes so that we can all stay informed of developments in Montessori principles and how they can be applied within TTHA.

Montessori principles encourage the treatment of each person as an individual, honouring their history, experience, relationships and capabilities. It respects each person’s need for care and consideration and understands the importance of being able to exercise individual choice, preference and independence throughout life.

Montessori methods are applied specifically in our Lifestyle area and one example is where we introduced the principles to mealtimes. The aim was to maintain a relaxed atmosphere where residents can come dressed for the day or having just woken up, can come in their dressing gowns to enjoy their breakfast and for residents to have the opportunity to choose what they would like to eat as well as being independent in the handling of their breakfast e.g. making their own drinks, filling the cereal bowl, putting the toast on, and spreading the bread/toast with the breakfast spread they like.

Comments from residents
“I had three cups of coffee”
“I love the choices”
“Eating cornflakes reminded me of my time in America as a POW”, (this must have been a positive experience for him because on that morning he served himself four bowls of cornflakes).

Some noticeable changes we have seen in our residents, are

  • Eating more
  • Varying their choices
  • Socially interacting more with one another
  • Improving their fine and gross motor skills
  • Daily Dining Room Tasks
  • Folding tables cloths and napkins
  • Collecting dirty table cloths and napkins for washing
  • Taking dirty washing to the laundry
  • Wiping down the tables and food bar
  • Placing clean table cloths on tables
  • Setting tables with napkins and cutlery
  • Clearing tables after meals
  • Stocking food bar
  • Sweeping the floor

A task is matched to the ability of the resident and modified where appropriate for a positive outcome.


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