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Board Members

Paul English – President and Chair

Paul has been a director of TTHA since 2011 and Chairman since 2012. He is also a Director of Temple Society Australia Limited, the parent organisation of TTHA. Paul graduated from Monash University, Clayton with a Bachelor of Economics and Politics, majoring in economics, accounting and law. After 38 years of service, Paul retired from Siemens Ltd and held many positions including heading the Finance and Administration division for many years. Paul’s passion lay in the role of Executive General Manager for a variety of divisions such as Industry and Energy and he took a 5 year secondment to the Siemens Joint Venture company, Silcar Pty. Ltd. as CFO in 2000. Corporate governance and business development have been key features of Paul’s work and he currently provides consulting services to clients in these areas through his consulting company.

  • Member of Building Sub-Committee
  • Member of Infection Control Sub-Committee

Dieter Ruff

Dieter has been a TTHA Board Member since 2012. Dieter has extensive experience within the Victorian Commercial Construction Industry where he currently holds the position of State Manager / Director for Johns Lyng Commercial Builders Pty Ltd. Dieter provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction, design, and compliance related to the overall operations of the TTHA. Dieter is also a three-generation Templer (Australia) and proud of and passionate about his family’s German heritage.

  • Member of Building Sub-Committee

Irene Kemper

Irene Kemper has been a representative of the Temple Society of Australia on the TTHA board since October 2014. Professionally, Irene has been a consultant physician in general and geriatric medicine for more than 20 years and works under her maiden name of Dr. Irene Wagner.  Irene runs a busy private practice and works at Monash Health’s Dandenong Hospital where she has developed and auspiced a thriving geriatric service.

Other Board Members

– Dieter Edelmaier – Joined TTHA Board in 2010
– Jevan Bouzo – Joined TTHA Board in 2012
– Jacinta Wagner – Joined TTHA Board in 2012
– Manish Jaggi – Joined TTHA Board in 2018
– Stephen Kruk – Commenced June 2022
– Andrew Weaver – Commencement – July 2022

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