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Residential Aged Care FAQs

How do I talk to my parents about aged care?

We’ve compiled a list of things to consider when speaking to your parents about aged care. Click to see our recommendations:  Talk about Aged Care

What are the costs involved?

The government is responsible for setting the fee structures for all aged care facilities; they regulate resident fees and charges for residential aged care.

Please find information relating to the various fees and charges associated with permanent residential aged care as well as respite care at TTHA here: TTHA Residential Aged Care

Do you offer respite care?

Yes, at TTHA we offer not only residential permanent care but also respite care. The minimum stay for respite is 14 days. Please enquire with us regarding availability.

What do I bring in with me on admission?

Completed medication chart, medications in Webster pack (if applicable), medical history/health summary, pension card, and Medicare card. Personal belongings that you need to feel comfortable with during your stay.

What are the meal times?

Breakfast is served at 8am.  Lunch is served at 12 middays.  Dinner is served at 5pm.

How often can my family and friends visit?

Any reasonable hour however we do not encourage visitation during meal times.  We ask you to be vigilant as people of the older generation like to retire early in the evening.

Is visiting allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Visitor restrictions are back in place. During lock-down visitors are allowed only in special circumstances and for end-of-life care. Please ask us about current visitation rules.

Are you accepting new residents currently?

We are still admitting new residents. Rules around admission depend on where they come from (hospital or the community and which area etc). We will assess the situation individually but EVERYONE must come in with a negative COVID test, depending on the circumstances, residents may need to also isolate themselves in their rooms upon admission. All new residents are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Retirement Living FAQs

Can I renovate my home?

Yes, however within reason. TTHA has policies in place in order to ensure all residents are safe and comfortable.

Internal alterations involving gas and electricity, external appearance, structure, should be communicated with the Maintenance Manager first, by logging in a request at reception.

When is the right time to make a move into a retirement village?

You are the only person who will know when the time is right. Some people, once they retire, wish to downsize their homes, however when you feel it is the right time, we will support you to do so.

Do we need household insurance?

When living in TTHA retirement village, the only insurance you will need to worry about will be for your personal contents. The building and property insurance is shared by all residents and paid through your monthly fee.

Who pays for utilities bills?

TTHA pays for council rates and water, other utilities are paid by the tenant/resident.

Can my pet live with me?

Yes, absolutely. TTHA is pet-friendly and you are most welcome to move in with your pet.

Can I have friends and family visit me?

You are welcome to invite your friends and family to visit. This is your home, after all.

What happens when I go on holidays?

TTHA prides itself on security. We ask you please to notify management regarding times you will be away.

Home Care FAQs

What sort of charges would I have to pay if I accept a Home Care Package?

There may be an income-tested care fee or client contribution fee.  The income-tested care fee is a fee that will be issued by Centrelink once you have completed the necessary documentation.  A client contribution fee is a fee negotiated between yourself and Accent Home Care (a division of TTHA).

Where do I get an estimate of my income-tested care fee?

Please visit the My Aged Care website on www.myagedcare.gov.au and use the fee estimator for an indication of costs that you may have to contribute towards your home care package.

How do I become eligible for a government-funded Home Care Package?

In order to become eligible for a Home Care Package you will need to be assessed by an Assessment Service,  your first contact is via the My Aged Care contact number 1800 200 422.

How do I access the Social Support Group?

Step 1 – Arrange a My Aged Care assessment, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit myagedcare.gov.au

Step 2 – Make sure you ask to be referred to Accent Home Care

Step 3 – Contact Accent Home Care to organise joining our Social Support Group on (03) 8720 1338

Do you use your own in-house staff?

We use staff from various brokerage organisations as well as our own in-house staff.

Why do I have to pay a daily fee if I don’t receive daily services?

Since the government provides daily funding the fees are also calculated daily.

What if I can’t afford to pay my fees?

You can apply for financial hardship.

At what age can I become eligible for a home care package?

People over 65 can be eligible but there are also some exceptions especially for younger onset dementia clients

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