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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

The elderly in our community feel valued, respected, can achieve their aspirations, and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Our Mission

To deliver tailored aged care services to culturally inclusive communities that enrich the health and wellbeing of our elderly.

Our Philosophy

TTHA is committed to providing outstanding services to the elderly Community. TTHA values and recognises all individuals’ needs concerning their dignity, individuality, integrity, and freedom of choice. TTHA aims to ensure all individuals can age well and continue to accommodate every individual’s potential. TTHA is dedicated to creating a home that is safe, caring, and friendly. At the same time, we strive to ensure we provide the opportunities and environment to enable our Community to flourish as they enjoy their later years.

Our Community is one where long-lasting relationships and partnerships are formed.  Our inter-generational philosophies ensure all generations of our community are involved and are welcome to share in the fulfillment of our residents’ lives by joining in with our activities and dining with our residents.  “Home is where the heart is” – TTHA is determined to provide a secure and friendly home to all.

Families, carers, volunteers, and staff are all involved in the continuous improvement of TTHA to ensure we provide the quality we pride ourselves in achieving.

We ensure the wellbeing of every resident at TTHA and welcome both family and friends to join our residents in activities and dining.

Our Values

In All That We Do,

In All That We Say,

We Are Committed to TTHA

Trustworthy  – Being open and honest in all our relationships and responsible for ourselves, our team and our Community.

Teamwork – We respect and appreciate the knowledge, skills, and experience individuals bring to the team.

Humility – We treat our people with respect and dignity.

Accountability – We set clear performance expectations and take ownership of our results as individuals and as an organisation.

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