Employee of the month

We really appreciate all of the nominations for employee of the month, celebrating the wonderful work our staff do every day.

Congratulations to Robert Arbuckle who has been nominated as the employee of the month for July. Rob was awarded for his outstanding customer service and exceptional accountability and team work. Thanks for always having a smile on your face Rob.

Thank you also to Neomi Martinus (FSA), Elise Kruizinga (lifestyle assistant), Dimmy Cachia (PCA), Cain Ch…erbakof (PCA), Suzanne Sanders (PCA) Rhonda Dwyer (PCA), Isabel Sutton (PCA) Cerie Saunders (PCA), Rajesh Kumar (PCA), Monique Webber (PCA), Bev Dunn (PCA), Linda Shuhin (EN), Sanjay Kumar (RN) and Amanda Walker (CCC) who were also nominated. They were also nominated for demonstrating our values of Trustworthiness, Teamwork, and Humility & Accountability. Keep up the good work everyone!

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