Employee of the month

Thank you to all staff for the wonderful work you do and for acknowledging your colleagues for employee of the month.

Congratulations to Melissa Andaloro who has been nominated as the Employee of the month by her colleagues and a resident, for her outstanding customer service and team work.
I would also like to congratulate Sanath Setuga Mudalige (FSA), Linda Shuhin (EN), Rikki Gifford (PCA), Lesley Krige (PCA), Megan Hughes (PCA), Shahid Amlani (PCA), Arjun Sapkota (PCA), Tuja Wheare (PCA), Svetlana Birladeanu (FSA), Melinda Simpson (FSA), Judy Wong (FSA), Neomi Dindo (FSA), Neomi Martinus (FSA), Connie Fullford (FSA), Robert Arbuckle (maintenance assistant).

For being nominated for the Employee of the Month for demonstrating our values of Trustworthiness, Teamwork, and Humility & Accountability.

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